Plugins Can Rid Your Webpage of Spam




Spam Fighters  Unite


If you saw my last post, I was in a major conflict with bots inflicting spam on my page. I received many encouraging comments, but no one  seemed to have won the spam war. So I went to my go-to guy, Bill Wetterman, husband in residence.

Naturally, his first response was, “Gee. Not sure what is going on with YOUR website. Mine is spam-free.”

“Okay, if you are spam-free, can we check your plugins to see what I am missing?”

He took on the challenge immediately. 

The first plugin we added was Akismet. This plugin, free on WordPress, immediately recognized spam comments and sent them all to the spam folder. Twice daily, I emptied the spam folder with one click. Magic. But being a fussy OCD, I wanted the spam to stop completely.

Next, Bill added FunCaptcha. This plugin is also free on WordPress. The primary function is to offer a simple math puzzle that must be successfully passed before anyone can become a user or subscriber. Ta Da. It  worked, too.  I was so excited to receive this note . FunCaptcha defeats bots from becoming a user .

I am pleased to say that my spam has stopped, at least for now.  The plugin has captured over 1,800 new spam comments in the last four days. Before adding two new plugins, the bots  gained access by becoming users on my page. Even after reducing the number of users to be only two, me and my Sunant host, they still gained access. Every day I had two to ten new users and 95 to 789 spam comments. Yes, every day. 

I hope this info can help some of you in your fight with those nasty bots. Good luck.


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