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Home from one of several writers’ conferences we attend annually, I called a friend and shared tales of several New York Best-Selling authors we met at the Oklahoma Writers Federation. With a holiday quickly approaching, I invited her to celebrate Mother’s Day with us. She bemoaned the fact that Christmas would be here shortly.

Her comment raced through my mind. Yes. There are national holidays almost every month. Many of them suggest cards be sent, gifts be purchased, or special meals be served. We celebrate New Year’s, Valentines, Martin Luther King, spring, Easter, Summer, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah—just to mention a few. No wonder we are always looking for another celebration.

As a woman with a husband, children, and a writing career, I recognized the power I gave to holidays. Family traditions held high expectations. With increased birthdays, I experienced time passing at warp-speed. But, surely I had some control.

Last November Bill and I took the trip of a lifetime. We traveled to Europe and experienced an eight-day river cruise. We were pampered by the staff. We toured historic cities and developed new friends.

But I’ve run the holiday merry-go-round since our return. Barely remembering our Thanksgiving weekend, I charged into Christmas shopping, marriage vow celebration invitations, and preparation for surgery. We staggered writing conferences amid forecasted healing time from surgeries, writing conferences, and visiting relatives.

This week, Bill and I reviewed our commitments for May to September. More conferences, book signing events, and bang—Halloween would be upon us. OMG. It could drive one crazy.

The good news—we’ve chosen full lives. We surround ourselves with special people, places, and events. We modified our family traditions. Best of all, we took control of our destiny.

Review your holiday commitments. Are you involved in events you hate? Can you make some changes? Our time on earth is too short to waste. Take charge. Your life is a gift—unwrap it with joy and excitement.






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