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Home Invasion

Should I Get a Conceal and Carry license?

Gun Control is a big topic today. Americans are divided on gun control and conceal and carry laws. Criminals and terrorists challenge our way of life. Recently, one frightening incident caused me to personally research the Second Amendment.  Did I need a gun? Was I really safe?

The doorbell rang. Swinging open the front door, I found myself facing a 280 pound, six-foot six stranger. He offered me a friendly smile. Before I could

retreat, he began to described his product—a brilliant glass cleaner.

“Hey, Pretty Lady. Today is your lucky day. I created a glass cleaner that does not streak, spot, or smudge. And today, just for you, it is on sale. Your front

door will sparkle.”

As I stepped back to close the door, he placed his foot against the jam and squirted the liquid on the glass. My heart raced. He would soon have access to

me. I pressed with all my might, but his strength was unbending. It became obvious that selling the product in the 3-ounce squirt bottle was not his main objective. He forcefully

pushed the door open—one powerful tap at a time.

“I don’t buy products at the door. Please leave.” My breathing grew shallow. Why had I opened that door?

“Look, Lady. You must try this just once. You will be a customer forever.” He scowled.

Suddenly, from down the hall, I heard my husband–with the voice of strength and protection. “You heard the lady. We don’t buy at the door. You leave or I’ll call the police.”

The stranger stepped back, raised his hands in the air to signify surrender, and strolled off the porch.

That evening, my husband and I discussed security and firearms.

“Honey, if we get a gun, you must not fear using it. People who can’t pull the trigger, if necessary, are often killed with their own gun.”

“I understand.” The experience that day made it clear, I had to protect myself. But could I really kill another human being? I needed more information. 

We enrolled in a conceal and carry class given by a twenty-year Police Officer. He stressed gun safety and introduced the class to the Federal gun laws. At the end of the seven-hour

instruction, we were tested on the Second Amendment, and the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. Having passed the test, we were given a certificate to take to the Sheriff’s office

to begin the conceal and carry background check. I now understood how powerful a gun can be in the wrong hands. I knew my rights as an American. But could I be safe without

caring a gun?

We located a local gun shop and proceeded to handle various size guns, shot at some targets, and got comfortable holding and firing a gun. When, and if, we decide to take that

next step, we could make our purchase and leave with it immediately. Amazing. I thought the gun laws required a three-day waiting period. Nope. You complete the background

form and then can buy your weapon of choice and leave the shop. Perhaps there is a quick pass or fail check behind the scenes. 

The decision to carry a gun is a decision to use the weapon , if necessary. A great burden of responsibility is behind the Conceal and Carry license.  Make your decision based on

knowledge, not fear.

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