Carlos, the wing-walker

 In Oklahoma, where  the wind never stops blowing, we learn to expect almost anything. Tornadoes, drought, flooding, and yes, even hurricane-like straight winds of ninety miles an hour. But this weekend, topped all my previous experiences.

As the rest of the  country dealt with ice, snow, and blizzards, we lavished in sixty degree warmth accompanied by  fifty mile-an-hour wind. Although we live in an energy efficient home built in 2008, our upstairs window screens rattle and shake with fury when the gusts attack the windows. Last week our grandson mentioned his difficulty sleeping with all that disturbance.

Ya know, G. ma., a working man needs his rest. All those energy efficient screens shake and scream in the wind.”

 “Well, that’s not good, is it?”

“Nope. But when I get moved next month, it will be a non-issue.”

“Why not remove the screens for now. We wont have the windows open in February, and you can get some sleep.”

Naturally, he took me up on my offer. Problem solved, right?

Sunday the temperature reached almost seventy. The sun shone in the meridian-blue sky.  Our grandson, out front doing what men do on a quiet afternoon-washing his car, suddenly called out, “Carlos! ” As he race  past me, up the stairs to the second floor, he shouted. “Carlos’s on the roof.”

Our home  had been  built to be the  perfect picture of peaked rooflines. At Christmas, when the peaks are decorated with outdoor lights, it  was a three-man job. One to climb onto the peaks to do the installation, one to feed the string  up to the top, and one to stand on the twelve foot extension ladder for immediate escape if needed.  And there, on the second highest peak, sat Carlos. Basking in the sun, he appeared  to be proud of his travels.

One of the great things about Carlos was that he loved his master and he was  extremely obedient. His behavior, more like a dog than cat,  has saved one of his nine lives more than once.  He gazed into the open window as he heard his name called. “Carlos, come.” With little hesitation, he turned, climbed down the roofline and jumped into his master’s waiting arms.

Yes. The screens were replaced, and the windows closed and locked. Hopefully, Carlos is not planning any other adventures this week. But with him, we  never knew.




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