Barkleah, The toy Fox Terrier Who Rules The Neighborhood

Barkleah Has A Life Changing Experience

July 16, 2013. It was a perfectly quiet evening. Barkleah  nestled between Bill and me in our king-sized bed. Just before midnight, the storm attacked and changed his life forever. The hurricane-force straight-winds howled. The hale assaulted the windows behind our bed. Barkleah shook from the tip of his nose to the end of his stubby tail. Where to hide?

He spent the entire evening on guard. Standing on the foot of our bed, his eyes glaring into the darkness, his life’s calling had been established. He was now the family protector.

The following morning, several angels of mercy responded to our call for help-the roofers had arrived. However, Barkleah refused them entry. He had never formally met any of these men and they were not going to walk in and bound upstairs to repair rafters and place the coveted blue tarp on our roof. Finally, in desperation, I nudged him into his crate and locked the door behind him.

Over the next six weeks, we have had  contractors from all fields try to win him over.  He has barked fiercely, attempted to bite the extended hands, growled at the kind “Hellos.” and lunged at  the more  experienced craftsman who  just  ignored him. No one gets in. So, Barkleah is spending his days sleeping in his favorite “Happy place.

Everyday Barkleah positions himself on the back of the couch so he can peer out both the front and back door. No one will enter without his knowledge. Barkleah rules.

What he doesn’t know, is that the next five weeks will be filled with reconstruction, painting, wood floor replacement,  new  carpeting, and wallboard and ceiling repair.  With the knowledge that his behavior is fear based, we will help him feel safe and secure. He will be spending a great deal of his daytime sleeping in his crate.

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