Barkleah Steps Up His Watchdog Efforts

Barkleah, our Toy Fox Terrier, Is On Guard

As if Mr. Barkleah does not have sufficient work to perform, his  job description has increased to include other duties as assigned.
Being the only watch dog in the family brings challenges. Two weeks ago, we happily welcomed our grandson back into the homestead. Naturally, his companion, Carlos, the Maine Coon Cat, returned as well.  Carlos and Barkleah have a spotted history. Carlos plays like a cat–biting, scratching,, and creeping behind furniture until time to pounce. His favorite game is to sneak up on Barkleah as he sleeps and attack.
Add to the stress of any dedicated watchdog the introduction of strangers arriving daily. He has seen two to four workmen moving furniture, removing wood flooring, taking down ceilings and walls, who can blame Barkleah for being short on patience.  The workmen are to be in our home daily for a minimum of four weeks. Yep. Arrival date October 15th and completion date to be November 15th. And they are at least one day behind already. And today is only October 16th.
Barkleah spends his days locked up in our master bedroom with Bill and me. We have set up our computers and will devote this peaceful month to our writing, quieting Barkleah, and hoping Carlos will be safe in the upstairs bedroom until his daddy returns from work. To help his time pass, Bill and I take turns visiting Carlos everyday. We continually promise him free range of motion after four pm daily.
The two pets are beginning to spend more productive time together. Afterall, a familiar face is much better than four strangers banging on walls and tearing up the house.
More next week on the reconstruction.

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