My Journey as a Published Author

Growing up in the Midwest during the 50’s, a time of innocence, impacted my belief system, my moral compass, and my purpose.  The oldest of four, I accepted the role of sibling, and surrogate-parent. With WWII in the recent past, life offered peace, safety, and opportunity. My grandparents lived in our neighborhood. When not playing with my girlfriends, I lavished in tea parties and cinnamon toast lovingly prepared by Granny. Yes, I viewed my world through rose-colored glasses.

My career, management in Customer Care, ignited my journey to deal with social problems families faced daily. With access to the deepest secrets of both customers and staff, I heard issues of poverty, abuse, addictions, and failures. My worldview matured. Developing strong listening skills, and rarely offering advice, I remained poised to suggest alternative paths and resources.

In my desire to reach more of the hurting, I turned to writing Women’s Fiction and Romantic Suspense. My novels and blog offer a path of hope.

Searching complex women’s issues, asking difficult questions, and providing honest answers, we learn and grow. Based on real experiences, my stories are lightly sprinkled with humor and guest appearances by an adoring family pet.