Life Is Full Of Changes And Challenges

Sounds of a Tree Falling In The Forest
Don’t you just love receiving all those annual Christmas letters? If each of us held a pole based on the news shared by friends and family , these letters would clearly show that everyone, except you, is having the most wonderful life, the best children, and nothing but success. Right!
With an empty nest, we’d downsized our lifestyle, designed and built our dream home, and settled into our careers with a zest.
With the introduction of Baily into our world, we were brought to the reality that a backyard full of flower beds and no room to run created potential repair and frustration weekly. After building fences, adding a stone patio, and becoming more realistic with our expectations, we adjusted to our wonderful sweet Miss. Bailey. If one had a lab, one should understand their needs. Her gifts to us were worth the change in our lives.
Life is full of lemons. We all face unexpected challenges which allow us to grow, become more resourceful, and learn to be thankful for every day. Our challenge had grown.  
In the midst of a difficult family divorce and custody battle, Bill and I became the guardians of our nine year old grandson. He presented many blessings and opportunities for us. He adjusted quickly into our family routine. Bailey became his best companion. 
They developed a bond only a boy and his dog would understand. They went everywhere together. He took her biking, walking, and taught her to play ball. She learned how to fish in the creek. As he used his fishing pole; she used her paws and grabbed the fish in her mouth. It was as if when he had an idea, she read his mind, and they accomplished much.
Bill and I decided to move into a more kid friendly home. We built a larger home on a bigger lot. Our new home was surrounded by a forest of trees. Our new landscape concept was the natural look. With one small flowerbed in the back, close to the screened in porch, the rest of the property left open for lab and boy adventures.
Our treed area, left natural, included long hanging vines from the trees. It added that untouched feel and became an interesting challenge for our grandson. He desired to swing from the vines like Tarzan, and often practiced this action for hours. Bailey watched him as she sat in the yard looking for squirrels and rabbits. She loved to chase those furry guests.
One day in the Spring, I glanced out the backdoor window to see what new game the two had concocted. Our grandson had grabbed onto a long vine hanging from a fifty foot tree along our fence line. His focus, pull down that vine. He took hold of it, crouched down, and started to tug. To my amazement, Bailey trotted up behind him, put the vine in her mouth, crouched down as if to mimic his movements, and also gave the vine several tugs. They tugged in unison.
The vision was hilarious. I watched in amazement. Then I saw it happen. The tugging of the two mischievous friends produced a loud cracking sound.  The two turned and ran. The tree began to fall. They ran and ran. I could do noting but watch in horror. The fall of the tree was broken by our wood rail fence. The instigators, had reached a part of the yard where only the tip of the tree branches reached. They saw they were unscathed and jumped and barked in celebration. Then silence came as they realized they had pulled down a huge tree, broken the fence, and had to confess.  If it hadn’t been so scary, it would have been too funny. They both looked as if they had defeated a dangerous foe.
They were safe, the fence repairable, and the tree old and rotten. Just one day in the life of Bailey. Building memories for us all, she is one great gal.
If you are considering a new family pet, please adopt a rescue. They are wonderful dogs and seem to know you did something special for them.
Next time, come by and hear about Bailey’s adventures with squirrels and rabbits. 


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