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Rejection Can Be Kind
In May of this year, I met with a wonderful publisher at the Oklahoma Writers Conference. She requested my completed novel, Butterfly, It’s Time, and promised a response within ninety days. 
This was my first novel, my second pitch, and I was blown away. So many authors never get anyone to look at their work. Others send off the requested fifty pages and wait, but no one bothers to provide them feedback. Here I was being asked for the entire novel, what a thrill. 
At the end of June, my response came. Her words were encouraging, kind, and gentle. A rejection is never fun, but it is part of life. I have learned so much from the process. My next pitch will be better. I now know my novel is NOT a romance, it is Women’s Fiction. I am in the process of starting my second book, Whispers, in the Winds, a sequel to my first. I love my characters and they have more stories to tell.
I choose to believe I will be published one day. Please see the promising words sent to me in my rejection. 
While I love the story, love your writing, I’m afraid the novel is more Women’s Fiction than romance and won’t fit our guidelines. Your story is deeply ingrained in the marriage and your heroine finding herself, her experiences, etc. 
I so wanted it to work for us, because I truly enjoyed the story. You have a great voice, and your story and writing skills are wonderful.
As I blog about my sweet critters, Bailey, Barkleah, Carlos, and Gracie the Gray Parrot, I will also keep you up dated on my progress as an author. Thank you for your encouragement.

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