Wishing For A White Christmas

The weathermen were predicting a record snow for Christmas Eve, 2010. Since their record of accuracy was questionable, I planned our family gathering and smiled. How nice it would be to have a white Christmas.

With dinner in the oven, the stockings hung on the fireplace, and gifts laden the floor around our Christmas tree, the Wetterman clan gathered for the Christmas Eve service at church. The temperatures had dropped and tiny snowflakes fell. The festive air touched our celebration.

After dinner had been devoured, time arrived to open gifts. With friends and family gathered around the tree, and the ritual of passing out gifts began. As the evening transformed into night, and our guests were packing up to go home, we checked the snowfall. To our surprise, a foot of snow had fallen during our festivities. By morning, we had over twenty-four inches of snow,with snow drifts up to three feet in our backyard. Bailey, being a lab, loved the snow. No level of snowbanks would daunt her. However, Barkleah, the one who hates water, had never seen snow before and could not be persuaded  to go outside for any reason.

Open up that door, we need to go OUT.

Bailey ventured out the door, plowing a path as she explored the yard. Her flagged tail remained above the white powder, but she was hidden in the deep snow. She created tunnels and pathways from the door, across the backyard, and around the fenced perimeter. Barkleah hid and watched from the warmth of the window. Finally, no longer able to fight his physical requirements, Barkleah agreed to step outside. He hopped like a bunny towards the tunnels Bailey had created. Feeling secure, he ventured away from the tunnel and disappeared quickly. After his rescue, he remained on the path generated by the lab snowplow.

For the next several days, Bailey romped and rolled in the snow, while Barkleah remained  content to recline on his dog bed in front of the fireplace. The paths through the blizzard remained for Barkleah to explore as he desired. Bailey continued to create new pathways in the white maze. 

It was a beautiful white Christmas.

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