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Important tips for Business conferences

Attended a business conference recently? Was your experience predictable? Did you learn anything new?Most of us have had the opportunity to attend a conference. The good, the bad, and the ugly truth is they are often not helpful. Why?  Sadly, the other participants frequently had different agendas. Some attended to gain recognition—I am important, not you. Others are shy and get lost in the sea of faces. Some are interested in having a party. They convey a get out of jail free card attitude.You were attending the conference to improve your business or personal skills. You gave up your valuable time and resources to be there. Where were the others who desire the same? News Flash—they were there, too. So why could you not recognize them? Because, the hosts and majority of the participants set the rules.

Three years ago my husband and I attended a writer’s conference in Texas. It was the first year for the LexiCon. As published authors, this was our business trip. Hoping to learn more of the writing craft, meet other authors, and build contacts, we invested three precious days. Having spent many weekends in similar efforts, we hoped for the best. What did we find? A, revolution had begun.The conference host, Mitch Haynes, opened up the evening with a Meet-and-Greet mixer. He shared his vision of a support group of authors and stated his tips for the conference.  

Tip 1- Leave your ego at the door

Tip 2-Don’t talk about yourself. Focus on the person you just met.

Tip 3- Market another author’s work

He then asked us to stand and greet our peers, exchange business cards,, and make a new friend. He allowed no excuses. Shy or not, we all joined in.  And that evening LexiCon was born.Fast forward. The LexiCon group is on Facebook. If someone needs support, information, or just a good laugh, the contacts are intact. Authors are prospering. New writers have discovered the joy of helping others. This year we celebrated our third conference. The speakers were fantastic, the networking was invaluable, and the commitment to return next year permeated the hall. Yes. There are real people in every walk of life. It takes a dreamer to create change. Thank you, Mitch.The speakers all donate their time and expenses. Each year the presentations are more amazing than the year before. Here are just a few featured guests.

Keynote Speaker-Tammy Kling on YouTube. Author of 104 books. She gives back by educating and employing homeless people.

Motivational speaker – Elizabeth McCormick – Former Black Hawk pilot

Rob Anspach-Marketing with Social Media  


Jeanne Guzman

Saw this quote today and thought it appropriate for my experience this year at LexiCon. Mitch Haynes, with your insistence that (what’s the first rule, Jeannette?) everyone leave their ego at the door, LexiCon has drawn in the best of the best. I enjoyed listening to all the advice from our speakers; however one stood out from all the rest and I wanted to let her know how much she inspired me this weekend. Evelyn M. Byrne, I AM TAKING BACK CONTROL! You pointed out so many areas of my life that I handed over my control, and I’m taking it back. Thank you so very much.What a long, exhausting, fantastic day. I could not have had better speakers and presenters. David Ciambrone, Author Bill Wetterman, Julie F. Hall, Cl Stegall, Vivian Zabel, Amanda Thrasher, Tim Malott, Rob Anspach, Evelyn M. Byrne, Renee Groskreutz, Jeanette Baird Vaughan, Susan Mary Malone, Rita Mills, Sandy Lawrence, Elizabeth McCormick, Harry Hall, Tracy Kornet, and Michelle Prince all did such fantastic jobs. And our keynote speaker, Tammy Kling, was absolutely incredible. All of these people have been so nice and selfless. You have no idea how much I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you, Mitch Hayes  

Rob Wood

Here I am extending my thanks to the talented speaker and author Harry Hall at the close of LexiCon 2014. Harry was one of the many engaging presenters that LexiCon attendees were able to enjoy hearing from this year. The cadre of guest speakers included leading members of the publishing industry, media marketing experts, social media guru Rob Anspach and a number of successful authors. The event was brought to a fitting crescendo by keynote speaker and best-selling author Tamy Kling.

Searching for a business conference?  Start your own revolution. And if you are an author, please join us next year. Same time, same place.

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