Presenting Author Pamela Wetterman

My dream came true

Dear readers, friends, and family

Today my journey begins as a published author. After five long years of study, writing conferences, and critique groups, I took the biggest step of my career.
A special thanks to all those who encouraged, and supported me. I selected Women’s Fiction to encourage women as they multitask their career and role as wife and mother. It is a rocky path, but I believe it is the most valuable and enriching life.

A little about me

As a first-born, my role in life flourished. Developing into a leader, decision maker, and morality compass fit my personality to perfection. Although overly naïve, my instincts to understand and protect others developed at an early age. By junior high, my network of close friends extended to all walks of life, many differing viewpoints, and both males and females.
Being a good listener, able to understand both sides of most situations, presented the vision of a good listener. One who would help without judging, maintained confidences, and offer honest advice.
These personality traits supported my success as a customer care manager and allowed me access to the painful reality of many friends and strangers. People shared their deepest secrets. This contact with real individuals with major issues drove my desire to become an author of Women’s Fiction.
My novels search complex women’s lives, ask difficult questions, and provide honest answers. Based on real people, the stories are lightly sprinkled with humor and guest appearances by Mr. Tubbs, the Toy Fox Terrier (The Artist’s Paradise September 2013), Carlos, the Maine Coon cat (Whispers InThe Wind 2014), and Gracie, the African Gray parrot (Alone 2015).


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