Morning Dove Returnes

IMG_0211The Annual Return of Our Morning Dove

For the past three years, a small flock  of Morning Doves  have return to our home. We look forward to their morning greeting and  the peeps of the newly hatched babies. The Mama Dove builds her initial nest in the gutter next to our back patio.  The rest of her flock nest in nearby bird houses and fruit trees.  Once she begins to build her nest, no amount of challenge is too great for her. The gutter she selected is next to our backdoor. Every time we exit that door with a loud bang, she flies off, in distress. She verbally scolds us and dives toward the offending human.

As soon as the eggs are laid, her companions keep her fed. They are dedicated to one objective, healthy baby  Doves. The nesting Dove becomes more protective as she sits on her eggs. By the second week, she may dive in attack at anyone daring to sit on the patio.

In the past, Barkleah enjoyed watching the Doves, but he was never uncomfortable with the behavior of the  mama Dove. He was a champion with birds. After all, Gracie, the African Grey Parrot, visited often. She barked  with him when he heard  noises outside. She tossed her food bowl on the floor so he could enjoy the vegetables, and she spoke to him about being a good dog. But recently, Gracie has developed such a strong fondness for Barkleah that she has attempted to sit on his head. If you ever saw her talons, you would understand why this new game was not won he wanted to play. When Gracie flew  toward him, he resorted to a duck and cover safety move.

Barkleah has become reluctant to venture outside on the back patio. He  spends his outdoor visits watching for the Morning Dove attack.  In  constant surveillance mode, he has repeatedly requested an adult companion to sit outside with him.

My husband Bill, being a man of action, elected to take charge. Two days ago, he stepped outside and stood under the Morning Dove’s nest. He drew himself up into his full six foot two height, and spoke directly to our Dove visitor. “My name is bill. I know you have baby eggs in your nest. We are bird friendly. You do not have to worry about any of us. We will respect your space and expect you to do the same for us. No one here will harm you or your birds. Please do not continue to attach us. Okay?” He returned inside to announce that his message had been heard and we could all now live in peace.

His discussion worked.  Mama Morning Dove still watches us come and go. But she is settled in her nest. We are at peace.  Now, why cant governments learn to talk to each other and make peace? It’s  so easy.

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