Admiring Wife
Pamela Wetterman, Author

Can it be?  Oh, how wonderful to spend a quiet morning surrounded by my husband, Barkleah our toy Fox Terrier, and Carlos, the Maine Coon cat. Mister Drywall, Senior wood floor finisher and our beloved six painters will not knock on our door today.

After five weeks of reconstruction, we entertained family and friends for Thanksgiving.  Having experienced slight inconvenience during this time, I am humbled by those truly affected by hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and fires that leave them homeless. We never faced the reality of tent cities created by tragedy. Yes. I am totally thankful.  

With the Christmas season in full swing, my thoughts and prayers are for those who are hungry, homeless, mentally, or physically ill.  It does take a village to rear a child and so many of our innocent little ones are in need.

Look for those good deeds and pay it forward.  You will be blessed a hundred fold.  May God bless you all.


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