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Admiring Wife
Admiring Wife

A Testament to Prayer

Please forgive me for diverting from posts about our wonderful Miss Bailey. She will return next time. I hope you will be blessed by my blog today. I want to share a personal story that played out these past six weeks.
Bill and I have been close friends with another couple for over twenty-five years. With time, we embraced each other as Tulsa family. Holidays, weekends, and birthdays, we celebrated together. We have even vacationed together.
Last December our friend experienced a sensation of discomfort after eating. At first, she thought perhaps it was due to an allergy to pork. Ham is served frequently during the holidays. But by January, she was in extreme pain. As we celebrated Bill’s January birthday, she had an icepack on her side, and her color was pale.
Time to see a doctor.
She met with her doctor and he confirmed that her pain appeared to come from her gallbladder and it would require surgery. Before she had time to meet with the surgeon, her pain became unbearable and her husband rushed her to the hospital.
A series of tests revealed cancer in her pancreas and her duodenum. She was unable to eat and required immediate surgery or she would starve to death. With complications from a damaged heart and lungs, the surgery was very risky. Her specialists advised the surgeon that his allowable time to operate could not extend past two hours.
The drastic surgery required to repair her ability to eat and remove all cancer was five to six hours. In addition, due to weak lungs, she risked the inability to be taken off the respirator.
As she prepared to undergo a life saving surgery, the prayer warriors got on their knees. Her pastor and others in her church called and prayed with her. The living word from God came. She would be a testament to the miracles God creates every day.
We prayed daily, our Sunday school class prayed daily, and her church prayed daily. She grew stronger and stronger. She knew she needed a miracle and believed it would come.
In reality, she received multiple miracles.
First her surgeon preformed the risky surgery in two and one half hours- not six.
She breathed on her own before she arrived in recovery. As she fell asleep, her mantra was–breathe, breathe, breathe. And breathe she did.
As she left ICU we almost lost her. Her temperature spiked to 102 degrees, her heart raced, and her blood pressure crashed.  She had developed a blood infection occupying her entire body. The infection threatened her life. She required several additional days in ICU and huge doses of antibiotic to win the battle.
With every prayer answered, and the love of her wonderful husband of forty years she is home and on the path to wellness. She is a testament to our faith in God and His healing miracles.
Remember, God works in mysterious ways. If our friend had not experienced the horrible pain in her gallbladder, the cancer could have raged undetected. The discovery of the cancer is the biggest miracle of all.


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