Bailey And Her Close Friend, Tanya, The Greyhound Racer

Bailey and Her Special Friends
Being a very gracious hostess, Bailey often welcomed other dogs to stay over for a few days or weeks. These guests were pets of vacationing friends. Socialized with other dogs at an early age, Bailey welcomed her new friends. Our guests settled into the Wetterman Bed And Breakfast with ease.
One of her friends, Hawkeye Tanya, was a successful retired Greyhound. Her racing career records first place winnings over two-hundred thousand dollars. She retired at the age of seven. The Greyhound Rescue of Oklahoma placed her in her forever home with a close friend of ours.

Tanya, accustomed to fine food, human handling, and winning races held high expectations for her accommodations. As if purchasing a new bedroom mattress set, she carefully tested each of the doggie beds in our home. Once she selected the perfect one, she stretched out to relax on Bailey’s bed. Tanya, an alpha dog, chose to ignore Bailey when she suggested that her bed was not open for others. Once Bailey understood that Tanya was a racing queen, she submitted and elected another sleeping spot.
At meal time, Tanya was accustomed to being fed first. The bowls of dog food were offered in rank order. Bailey, one to desire a little more to eat, watched Tanya intently. Having wolfed down her own meal, she experienced a long wait as Tanya nibbled at her food, as if she gained pleasure from Bailey’s situation. With her meal completed, she returned to Bailey’s bed, gave a stern warning glare, and fell into a sound sleep.
Tanya towered a full ten inches above Bailey’s head and her svelte body was twenty pounds lighter. The first time the two adventurers entered our backyard, Tanya challenged Bailey to a race. The two flew across our open yard, and we watched as Tanya and Bailey raced neck-to-neck. Tanya, closing into Bailey, leaned over and gave her a nip. Bailey, no one’s fool, slowed and gave her aggressor the lead. Bailey, a sprinter, would have lost the race anyway, but now she had a war-story to tell.
Once Tanya laid out the rules, she and Bailey played, ran, and napped as if they were born in the same litter. Beta dogs know their place.


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