Bailey Remembers Her Friend Boomer

How I Spent My Summer



A few years ago, Bailey helped me create a memory book for our houseguest. His name was Boomer—short for Boomer Sooner. Those of you who live in our part of the country know the connection to University of Oklahoma football.

His owner traveled and worked in Russia for seven weeks. Boomer came to live with us while she traveled. Boomer, a mix of Boston Bull Terrier and Beagle, had the appearance and shape of a Bull Dog. As his owner often said, “He is so ugly he’s cute.”
Boomer, a gift from the pound, appreciated living in a loving home that cared for their pets. He embraced Bailey as if she were his long lost sister. Bailey accepted his presence and began to show him the ropes.
Boomer had never experienced the freedom of a doggie-door. Being low to the ground and slow to grasp new ideas, he attempted and failed to maneuver through the door. Boomer had a record of attempted breakouts at his home. He desperately wanted to understand the concept of using his head to open the flap and jump fearlessly through the pening


Bailey patiently worked with Boomer for a few days and finally he found success. His poor belly dragged on the opening, but he was free to roam in the yard. He never did grasp the re-entry process back into the house.


Our morning routine included a few oddities. Bailey greeted me as I stepped out of the shower to lick the clean water from my feet. Yes, that’s crazy but she loved to do it, and I always spoil my doggies. Boomer watched for a couple of days and then joined in. Yuck! Oh well, I wanted him to feel at home.
Our next morning chore was flossing teeth. I sang the famous flossing song, “Flossy, flossy, clean your little toothy” as Bailey sat in approval with her sparkling clean teeth. Boomer, of course, wanted his time in the sun too. He didn’t seem to learn the song, but he liked the attention.
In keeping with on-going socialization, we traveled to our nearest pet store weekly. Bailey, shopping for her newest squeaky toy, and soaking up the attention of all shoppers, looked forward to the trips. Boomer had not shopped before his summer with us. He turned out to be the celebrity of the trips. Everyone who passed us stopped to inquire, “Gee, he is so cute. What kind of dog is he?”
Bailey soon noticed that she was no longer the focus of attention. Not to be forgotten, she attacked her second goal— to get the cookie as we checked out. She was tall enough to stand, put her paws on the counter, and beg like a professional. It always worked.  Boomer also got a treat. No one could ignore his sweet face.
As we spent the summer, I took pictures of Boomer daily. He became part of our family. Being a scrap-booker, I put together a memory book for his owner and present it to her when she returned from Russia. Unknown to us all, that was Boomer’s last summer. The memory book still makes us laugh and remember our sweet Boomer boy.
Take every day as a gift and celebrate life.

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